The European recovered paper market is our home!

As a specialist in the medium and better qualities of recovered paper, we have decades of experience, allowing us to satisfy every customer enquiry.

We have always been particularly excited about the special types. For these ‘problematic’ types, we have the expertise needed to return even these types (e.g. plastic-coated materials) to proper use. 


Thanks to our 50 years of expertise on the European recovered paper market, we are very familiar with the qualities and requirements that arise in the paper industry, as well as the waste business. As a service provider, we safeguard both the disposal and the provision of recovered paper as a raw material. 


Attention is paid to the specific requirements for the respective products in the paper industry, which demand high quality standards for the secondary raw material. As a contractual partner, we can safeguard the paper factory’s production process even in the long-term through the option of regular supply of the required raw material. 


With our European partners in Scandinavia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Benelux countries, we have a full overview of the market and prices that also extends beyond Europe’s borders as a result of demand for import and export. In addition, our CEO and owner Olaf Schäfer sits on the Executive Board of the Fachvereinigung Papier (specialist association for paper), as well as on the General Management Board of the Bundesverband für Sekundärrohstoffe e.V. (Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials, BVSE) and as Chair of the Junior Circle of the BVSE. Our staff member Marcel Muschelknautz is also active in the Junior Circle in order to intensify regular contact with customers and suppliers. In addition, our staff regularly attend European recovered paper conferences in order to gain a fuller overview of the field. 


To help us support our customers and suppliers throughout Europe, we have the perfect staff, able to provide specialist knowledge and assistance in German, English, French, Dutch or Italian. For us, a regular contact on the ground, both at the collection points (recycling yards, disposal companies) and in the paper industry, goes without saying in order to guarantee quality and optimise the ever-increasing requirements. 


Our full range also includes all other services that may be needed in connection with the raw material. Our partners across Europe allow us to process the goods in whatever state they are in and to adapt them to the requirements through pressing, shredding or cutting. In doing so, we like to draw on the expertise of selected disposal specialists that meet our quality standards. 


With our sister company COLLECTA Europe GmbH, we provide printing companies and other purchasers with new paper and second-choice products in the paper industry. In addition, we – specifically COLLECTA Plastics GmbH – are active in the recycled plastics trade and also work together with plastics processing plants in this field. 


We love recovered paper, and have done so for over 50 years. We look forward to working with you as a partner of COLLECTA Rohstoff.