We are a member of the bvse waste disposal association (http://www.bvse-entsorgergemeinschaft.de/) – one of the largest in Germany. Together with the association and the associated member companies, we increase the level of quality, which already goes far beyond the statutory minimum standards. 


Since 2008, we have been a certified Waste Management Specialist in accordance with §56 KrWG (recycled materials act). This means that we meet the requirements of the Waste Management Specialist Directive (EfbV). We undergo an annual audit by an external monitoring association in order to ensure that the quality standards are maintained. 


In addition to monitoring the running of the press, our Waste Management Specialist Officers also undergo advanced training every two years on a course lasting several days, in order to stay up to speed on the statutory changes in the KrWG, as well as remaining reputable contacts when it comes to issues in the waste disposal and paper industries.



You can download our latest certificate below:




efb klein   efb2 klein 
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