We trade all over Europe with Waste paper

About our company

The European recovered paper market is our home!

We trade in recovered paper throughout Europe by purchasing the "secondary raw material recovered paper" from the recovered paper disposers and making the respective different grades available to the paper mills for new production.

As a specialist in the medium and better grades of waste paper, we have decades of experience, which allows us to satisfy any customer request.

We are particularly interested in special grades. In the case of these "problem grades", we have the necessary "knowledge" to ensure that these grades (e.g. plastic-coated materials) are also recycled properly. 

With over 55 years of know-how in the European recovered paper market, we know the qualities and requirements of the paper industry and the disposal industry very well. As a service provider, we ensure the disposal and supply of recovered paper as a raw material. 

Attention is paid to the special requirements for the respective products of the paper industry, which are based on a high quality standard of the secondary raw material. With the possibility of regular supply of the requested raw material, we as a contractual partner can ensure the production process of the paper mill even over longer periods of time. 

With our European partners in Scandinavia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Benelux countries, we have a market and price overview that also extends beyond the borders of Europe through import and export demand. In addition, our managing director Olaf Schäfer is an assessor on the board of the Fachvereinigung Papier, as well as on the overall board of BVSE (Bundesverband für Sekundärrohstoffe e.V.). Our employees regularly attend the European recovered paper meetings to complete the overview. 

For customer and supplier support in the European area, we have the respective employee(s) who can help at any time with their specialist knowledge in the languages German, English, French, Dutch and Italian.

It goes without saying that we maintain regular contact on site, both with the sources of waste (recycling yards, waste disposal companies) and with the paper industry, in order to optimize the guarantee of quality and the ever-increasing requirements. 

The complete offer also includes all other services that may arise around the raw material. With our European-wide partners we have the possibility to process the goods in the respective condition and to adapt them to the requirements by pressing, shredding or cutting. In doing so, we are happy to draw on the knowledge of selected disposal companies that meet our quality standards. 

With our sister company COLLECTA Europe GmbH, we supply printers and other customers with new paper and second choice products from the paper industry.

We love recovered paper, and have done so for over 57 years, and look forward to working with you as a partner of COLLECTA Rohstoff.